* Please place your order 5 days prior to your arrival.

*If we cannot withdraw 50,000 yen as deposit, we cannot accept your order.

We appreciate your understanding.

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   - 30-minute Voice Package Plan

   - Mobile Hotspot: Unlimited data plan & FREE Rental Fee!
Joy2Call Rental Mobile Service



Service beginning in 2001, Joy2Call has been dedicated to customers providing wide range of telecommunication devices with high-quality service. Customers have enjoyed the latest models of mobile phones, smart phones, wireless network devices, hand-held tablet computers, and SIM cards.

Ever since its establishment, Joy2Call has experienced steady growth with customer-friendly reputation. Your devices are fully charged, and comes with English User Guide and a battery charger (no battery charger for those only renting SIM cards). Over the years, Joy2Call developed new customers among mass media, public institutions, manufacturing companies, travel agencies, telecommunication carriers, educational institutions, as well as individual travelers. Just during April 2010 and March 2011, cumulative number of customers sums up to more than 20,000.

We are very proud to offer network service in 346 countries around the world, and always seeking in providing the best service. Thank you very much for your support.

Joy2Call will email you the mobile number prior to the delivery date, with no extra charge!

1. Designate a mailing address in Japan.
2. Use service counters at Narita, Haneda, Kansai, & Chubu Airports.
*Handling charge of 800 yen, or 1,500 yen for both pick-up & drop-off. Prior booking is required (tax excluded).

PICK UP @ Narita International Airport, ARRIVAL Lobby (1st Floor on Terminal 1 & 2) map
PICK UP @ Haneda Airport, ARRIVAL Lobby (2F) map
PICK UP @ Kansai International Airport, International ARRIVAL Lobby (1F) map
PICK UP @ Chubu International Airport, ARRIVAL Lobby
(please contact us)
DROP OFF @ Narita International Airport, DEPARTURE Lobby (North Wing of 4F, Terminal 1) map
DROP OFF @ Narita International Airport, DEPARTURE Lobby (South Wing of 4F, Terminal 1) map
DROP OFF @ Narita International Airport, DEPARTURE Lobby (Terminal 2, 3F) map
DROP OFF @ Haneda Airport, DEPARTURE Lobby (3F) map
DROP OFF @ Kansai International Airport, DEPARTURE Lobby (4F) map
DROP OFF @ Chubu International Airport, DEPARTURE Lobby (please contact us)

3. Visit Joy2Call office in Ginza, Tokyo. map
  • For customers sending their items to Joy2Call, a self-addressed return shipping label is included. No hassle!
  • For customers returning their items at Airport counters, map is included.

Safety Plan is an optional insurance plan (price shown below, tax excluded). You can save up to 90% in case of loss, breakage, or stealage. This insurance covers Joy2Call devices only.

To apply for Safety Plan, you must subscribe prior to your rental. Cancellation during your rental is not accepted.

*Price object of taxation.


Depending on the device you will be using, your charges include one or more of:
  1. Rental fee,
  2. Call charges and/or data communication charges,
  3. Safety Plan charges (applicable only if registered)
  4. Shipping charges.

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  • For customers using mobile phones, call charges will be calculated based on the built-in mobile timer. You can also check your own usage time by following the steps written in Joy2Call User Guide.
  • For customers using Wi-Fi Routers, charges will be calculated based on the phone bill issued from telecommunication carrier. This bill will be issued two months after your items are returned to Joy2Call.
Joy2Call accepts payment by credit cards only (VISA, Master Card, JCB, AMEX, Diners).
Once your order is confirmed, 50,000 yen deposit will be charged to your credit card account.

1. Place your order online, or by fax using Joy2Call Order Form.

2. After confirming your request, you will receive a confirmation email.

3. Please send us your credit card information.

If you are new to Joy2Call, it is a mandatory requirement under The Revised Mobile Phone's Improper Use Prevention Act (effective December 1, 2008) to present
  a) certified registration (business users), or
  b) passport (non-business users)

                                         by fax.
If you prefer receiving your package at the Airport, you are kindly requested to present either one of the above documents. Read more (Japanese only)
                                *If you want to receive your package at the Airport, please present either one of the above documents at the airport counter.

4. For mobile phone users, Joy2Call will email you the number you will be renting. We will also let you know the tracking number.